Our Approach to Healthcare

As an organisation with hands on experience in health and social care we are skilled at keeping the service beneficiary central to decision making,  maintaining clear sight of the shared goals that deliver transformation, efficiency and change.

We provide

Management and coordination of system and service redesign

Management of network and clinical systems upgrade

Development and Implementation of Digital Road Map

Development of GP online services

“What we love to do for you”

Digital First Innovations love making your life easier by holding the ring on projects with multiple components and multiple stakeholders, holding supply chain members to account, overcoming challenges in order to meet deadlines and milestones ensuring projects are delivered on time within budget.

“What we love to do for others”

As a values driven organisation we are committed to establishing a Social Enterprise arm by the end of 2019. This will involve building the capacity to employ people and companies who are local to where we are working, providing training and apprenticeships and offering paid opportunities to experts by experience. We ensure our programmes deliver outcomes that are meaningful, sustainable and relevant to the communities we serve. Choosing to work with Digital First Innovations you are investing in sustainable solutions and capacity and skill building within your local community.